I am very pleased to share some great news: a brand new version of the COF assessment is now available at www.COFassessment.com
in English, French and Spanish. 

Organizations today are operating in an increasingly complex, multicultural and global context. Cultural differences are often a source of misunderstanding, frustration and even derailment (notably in cross-border mergers and acquisitions). However, when leveraged, cultural diversity opens new choices. It becomes a source of creativity and an opportunity to go beyond current limitations to achieve sustainable and meaningful success.

The COF assessment facilitates the understanding of salient cultural characteristics for individuals, teams and organizations.

User-friendly, straightforward, highly flexible and customizable, reasonably priced, the COF assessment is an ideal tool for individual coaching, leadership development, intercultural training, team coaching and organizational cultural audits.

The COF assessment goes hand in hand with an inclusive and dynamic vision of culture, beyond the traditional binary and static approaches, which often tend to reinforce stereotypes. It goes further than the sole national focus and allows users to examine the other cultural influencers that make up our identities (gender, profession, generation, etc.). It lets users view group cultural profiles in multiple, customizable ways (e.g., team, organization as well as profiles per categories/fields predefined by users, such as division, nationality, management level, merging entities, etc.) and allows them to add their own customized cultural dimensions to the 17 standard COF dimensions.

I invite you to “Take the complimentary COF assessment” to try out the new tool.

I also encourage you to participate in one of our upcoming COF certification trainings/ Leading and Coaching Across Cultures seminars (English - Mondorf/Luxemburg 20-22 June, Spanish - Lima/Peru 25-27 April, or French - Rixensart/Belgium 4-6 December).

Looking forward to being of service, to seeing you and to cooperating with you,

Kind regards,

Philippe Rosinski    



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