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In place of division and polarization, we need deep integration (visible as well as within) and unleashing people’s multifaceted potential in pursuit of meaningful goals.

The global leadership we refer to aims at incorporating wisdom from multiple cultures and disciplines. It also concerns the whole human being, addressing mind as well as body, heart and spirit. Global leadership works at multiple linked layers: individual, team, organization and society.

It builds upon coaching, which is not merely a leadership style among others but rather a leadership philosophy: the notion that sustainable high performance can best be obtained by unleashing individual and collective full human potential and by eliciting genuine engagement.

If you combine a global view with coaching, you have a powerful approach called global leadership or global coaching in the service of leadership. This was the focus of Philippe's latest book Global Coaching.

Global coaching goes beyond the scope of traditional coaching by drawing in particular from six interconnected perspectives: physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual.

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