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By creating a sturdy foundation on which coaches can build a better understanding of the role culture plays in their work, Rosinski offers a way of thinking that can help them release more human potential from the people and groups they coach while utilizing cultural differences to improve business success.

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Rosinski adds a new dimension to the discipline of coaching with this seminal exploration of what it takes to effectively coach groups with differing cultures.

The Business Reader Review

This clearly written book is a serious read. It is thoroughly researched . it burst at the seams with examples, diagrams and case studies . no intercultural stone has been left unturned.

The Weekly Telegraph

This unique book introduces a new and more creative form of coaching to meet the demands of today's diverse and international workplace. Philippe Rosinski breaks new ground in the first book to bridge the gap between coaching and cultures. Coaching Across Cultures is a rich read for anyone to wants to coach, whether professionally or inside a multinational corporation, and it is a valuable contribution to understanding what coaching is.

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Although the concept approach of culture often suggests values and behaviours of nations, this book expands the concept to consider differences of every kind including corporate cultures and professional groups. The author wants to sensitise readers to the cultural impact in the coaching dynamic. The author introduces important cultural dimensions via the Cultural Orientations Framework that apply in the workplace worldwide. The author enriches the approaches described with plenty of illustrations, workplace examples and case examples.

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The book is gently persuasive and challenging. The essence of the book is that difference needs to be noticed and that it can be a powerful positive force within the coaching relationship - a journey for both the coach and the coachee. Rosinski's passion shows through and he ends with a heartfelt and topical reminder of the potential of all of us to deal with cross-cultural differences with an attitude of openness, curiosity and eagerness to learn.

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Cet ouvrage original montre comment tirer parti des différences culturelles pour favoriser le développement des individus et des équipes . Un ouvrage éclairant et pratique.


Coaching Across Cultures is an outstanding book that explains how to develop the new breed of leadership necessary to achieve sustainable high performance in today's global and multicultural environment. This visionary piece of work is both profound and practical. It will show you how to leverage human potential and its rich cultural diversity, to the benefit of employees, customers, shareholders and society at large.

Dean O'Hare, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chubb Corporation

Philippe Rosinski is a leader in the coaching field. Coaching Across Cultures reveals his pioneering multi-cultural approach and innovative global perspective. His book is a treasure for anyone eager to learn how to effectively facilitate human fulfilment and responsible growth.

Laura Berman Fortgang, Master Certified Coach, Author of Take Yourself to the Top and Living Your Best Life

By integrating effective coaching practices with intercultural know-how and sensibilities, Philippe Rosinski's Coaching Across Cultures will serve personal and executive coaching practitioners from around the world for many years to come. Articulate, insightful, eminently practical, and fueled by his rich experience and deep humanity, Rosinski, moreover, convincingly makes the case for linking our personal and organizational goals with those of our communities and our planet as a whole. He makes, thereby, a much needed contribution to helping us think and act systemically --globally and locally.

Michael H. Hoppe, Ph.D., Senior Research & Program Associate, Center for Creative Leadership

Coaching Across Cultures is a rich read for anyone who wants to coach, whether professionally or inside a multinational corporation. Philippe Rosinski has woven a tapestry of contexts to sensitize the reader to the cultural impact in the coaching dynamic. I enjoyed the practical exercises, tools, and worksheets, which I plan to use with my international clients. The ideas of leveraging a sense of power and responsibility for harmony are new views. This book is a synthesis of models and wisdom, very much the same as the make-up of its author, a brilliant engineer and engaging coach!

DJ Mitsch, Master Certified Coach, President The Pyramid Resource Group, Past President International Coach Federation

Coaching Across Cultures brings new light to managing performance in business, by integrating two important domains of leadership: coaching and diversity. Through integrating these two leadership subjects, business will generate new energy to boost high performance and this book offers a set of new insights, tools and ideas. With most businesses moving global, this new book is a valuable resource for all business leaders and professionals in the domain of leadership and management development.

Mia Vanstraelen, Director of Learning, IBM

Rosinski's pioneering work in combining coaching and interculturalism has been extremely helpful in incorporating cultural diversity into our internal leadership and management development programs. The ability to lead through coaching in a global environment is becoming essential to business success.

Christopher Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Chubb Corporation

Over the past four years, I have found the support and insight Philippe Rosinski has given me and the teams I have managed to have been invaluable.

Peter Leyland, Vice President,
Baxter Healthcare

Philippe Rosinski brings a depth of cultural understanding and awareness to the field of coaching. His work is wonderful and much needed!

Talane Miedaner, Master Certified Coach, Author of Coach Yourself to Success

For those who are managing across countries and regions and who are willing to get the best out of that rich melting pot of cultures across all operating companies, just read Coaching Across Cultures! You will find Philippe Rosinski's book highly stimulating.

Olivier Desforges, Senior Vice President, Unilever

Aimed at coaches but practical for all executives and managers, especially those going abroad, this book shows how to work through the cultural differences that abound in every company. What differences? All the major ones: how people handle time; how they communicate, interpret territory, organize themselves (hierarchy or equality), and use power and responsibility. Author Rosinski is an executive coach whose clients include Baxter Healthcare, Unilever, Chubb Insurance, and IBM. In an easy-to-follow style, his book outlines each cultural issue and suggests specific team exercises and coaching "tools"-alliance building, feedback, videotaping-to bridge the boundaries. There is no company on the planet that has truly embraced cultural differences, he writes. But, he adds, there are plenty of reasons to feel encouraged and inspired already.

Harvard Business School's Featured Book Recommendation,
working knowledge for business leaders

A valuable contribution for understanding what coaching is and can yet be.

Timothy Gallwey, Author of The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Work

With Coaching Across Cultures, Philippe has made a valuable contribution to coaching and interculturalism. Both disciplines are increasingly important. A must read for both the international manager and consultant.
Fons Trompenaars, Author of Riding the Waves of Culture
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